Dog Grooming for Beginners - An Easy Guide

Home grooming is a good way to bond the relationship with our dogs. It is also essential for your dogs’ wellness. The routine can be built step by step, and after a while, you can definitely get the whole process done smoothly. 


  1. Nail cutting

Make sure you cut and trim the nails at the very beginning, this can prevent you from scratching hurts.

  1. Brush

Brush your dog to get rid of all the tangles, mats and gnarls, to avoid further problems, it will also make the following steps go smoother.

  1. Bath

Clean your dogs to remove dirt, rinse off the soap completely to avoid skin irritation.  

  1. Dry out

After bathing, dry your dog thoroughly with a towel or a blow dryer(or both), and get them ready for hair grooming

  1. Cut & Shave

Now it is time to give your dog a new haircut! Choose the style you want, cut the excessive long hair with the scissor, then use a clipper for shaving. Don’t shave too much at the beginning, just go little by little to make sure you don’t cut your dog’s hair too short.


Also, don’t forget to praise and treat your doggies during the whole process! A good grooming requires collaboration between you two, and the more good message you are spreading out, the less nervous both of you would be. It all contributes to a good grooming session.